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Perceptual Illusions for 3D Touch Interaction

Proceedings of the ACM ITS Workshop on "Interactive Surfaces for Interaction with Stereoscopic 3D (ISIS3D)" - 2013, (accepted).
One of the main benefits of multi-touching stereoscopic objects is that it allows us to come closer to the basic idea of "natural" interaction experience by building upon skills which humans have developed in their everyday lives interacting with real world objects. In particular, the user perceives virtual objects with their associated depth, while she is able to interact with those objects with her own hands and fingers and thus receives direct or indirect haptic feedback. In this position paper we discuss the applicability of the perceptional illusions paradigm in this context. Therefore we outline some possible manipulation techniques and report the results of our past and ongoing studies designed to investigate their applicability in real world scenarios. While these and similar techniques are likely to constrain the available interaction volume, they provide simultaneously haptic and stereoscopic cues, without any instrumentation and without loosing the directness of the interaction.

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