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Adding Context to Multi-touch Region Selections

Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia, page 15:1-15:8 - 2013
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As applications originating on desktop computers find their way onto multi-touch enabled mobile devices many interaction tasks that were designed for computer mice spread to new touch-based environments. One example is region selection, for instance in image editing applications. Several studies already investigated multi-touch object selections however, region selections have not been closely examined.

Our proposed selection technique was designed for multi-touch interaction and better suits mobile devices. Taking advantage of multiple touches enables the user to easily extend, modify and refine selections based on the order and relative position - the context - of touches.

We were concerned that controlling more degrees of freedom with our technique could negatively impact simple selections. To evaluate its performance we present a user study that compares it to currently used techniques. Results show that our multi-touch region selection represents a good compromise of speed and precision, while providing the possibility to easily refine the selected region.

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