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Traveling in 3D Virtual Environments with Foot Gestures and a Multi-Touch enabled WIM

Proceedings of Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC 2010), page 171-180 - April 2010
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In this paper we demonstrate how foot gestures can be used to perform navigation tasks in interactive 3D environments and how a World-In-Miniature view can be manipulated trough multi-touch gestures, simplifying the way-finding task in such complex environments. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are well suited as a complex test-bed for evaluation of user interfaces based on multi-modal input. Recent developments in the area of interactive surfaces enable the construction of low-cost multi-touch sensors and relatively inexpensive technology for detecting foot gestures allows exploring these input modalities for virtual reality environments. In this paper, we describe an intuitive 3D user interface setup, which combines multi-touch hand and foot gestures for interaction with spatial data.

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