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Sim2D3D - Simultaneous Mono- and Stereoscopic Display on Autostereoscopic Displays

Sim2D3D allows simultaneous viewing of monoscopic and stereoscopic content. Arbitrary applications can be displayed on an AS display; 3D content can be rendered stereoscopically whereas 2D GUI elements are displayed monoscopically. Sim2D3D incorporates the following features:
  • software-based solution for simultaneously viewing mono- and stereoscopic content on AS displays
  • only one display is required
  • supports almost all common OS
  • works with 2D as well as 3D applications, Google Earth, Maya, Studio 3D Max, Cinema 4D, ...
  • usable with standard graphics cards, i.e., nVidia and ATI
  • no additional hardware is required
  • provides advanced visual working experience


On current autostereoscopic displays users can view stereoscopic content without having to wear special glasses. Until now it was not possible to display monoscopic and stereoscopic content simultaneously on a single autostereoscopic display. Simultaneous viewing is possible only by using an additional "regular" display for the monoscopic content.
The following figure illustrates our software-based procedure to hijack 3D content from arbitrary applications in order to prepare images for autostereoscopic displays.

Sim2D3D is independent from the technology which is used to generate the stereoscopic display. Sim2D3D can be integrated into all common operating systems. Sim2D3D renders a 2D-monitor in addition to the 3D-monitor unnecessary.

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