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Current VR research topics

This page contains information about current and past research projects. Please use the menu (on the left side) to get more information about the projects your are intested in.

At the Moment the three central Projects of the Research Group are: 

AVIGLE - Avionic Digital Service Platform

Realtime creation of 3D-Models out of fotographic data gathered by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). By creating an explorable virtual Environment ad-hoc based on aerial images of cityscapes, emergency situations or public events, the system can provide useful up-to-date information to cityplanners and rescue teams. 

iMUTS - Interscopic Multi-Touch Surfaces

Developing and evaluating interaction paradigms which allow users to control and manipulate a virtual environment or threedimensional data directly with their hands. The project focuses on the combination of multi-touch interfaces with immersive visualisations like stereoscopic projection screens.


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