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Dr. rer. nat. Jörg-Stefan Praßni

Contact Information

Function: Research associate (Okt. 2008 - May 2014)
Phone: +49 (251) 83-
Fax: +49 (251) 83-33755


After receiving my diploma degree in computer science from the University of Münster in September 2008, I joined the Visualization and Computer Graphics Research Group. In July 2012, I received my PhD degree in computer science from the University of Münster. 
Dissertation: Interactive Feature Detection in Volumetric Data

From June 2012 till May 2014 I lead the rendering subproject within an industry collaboration regarding the application of confocal microscopy in living-cell observations.

In addition to my scientific research in the field of medical and biological volume visualization, I was a member of the core development team of the Voreen project, in which a flexible volume visualization framework is developed.

Research Interests

  • Medical volume visualization
  • Interactive feature detection in volumetric data
  • Out-of-core rendering of large microscopy data streams

Prizes and Awards

Previous and Ongoing Projects

  • BMWi project: Illumination microscopy for living-cell observations
  • Voreen - The Volume Rendering Engine
  • Project Z1 (Interactive 3D-visualization of multiparametric cardiovascular imaging data) within
    Sonderforschungsbereich 656 (Molecular Cardiovascular Imaging)

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