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Visualization Laboratory

In cooperation with the Institute of Geoinformatics, we have installed a Mixed and Virtual Reality environment that enables an immersive exploration and interaction.

The visualization components of the VR environments consist of a responsive workbench combined with an optical stereoscopic tracking system, and active stereoscopic and autostereoscopic displays. Moreover, we have installed a passive rear projection system.

Furthermore the laboratory is equipped with standard VR environments, e.g., several passive and active Desktop-VR systems and an ARToolKit System. In addition a 5.1 audio system allows an audible perception of virtual contents.

For user interaction several multimodal VR input devices are available. Among several tracked input devices, such as hand targets, the equipment includes a pair of pinch gloves and an experimental haptic input device. This device allows to use several vibration signals during the interaction and enables multimodal interaction concepts.

 If your are interested in a demonstration, please contact us.


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