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Funded Projects

Current Projects

SFB 656: Project Z1 - Interactive 3D Visualization of Medical Data for the non-invasive Analysis of Cardiovascular Structures

The goal of this project embedded into the SFB 656 is to develop techniques and interactive visualization applications, for the analysis and exploration of PET data on standard PC hardware. The usage of expensive graphics workstations is avoided by exploiting adequate software techniques to make volume visualization on standard graphics hardware possible at interactive frame rates. These visualization applications will also be used in virtual reality (VR) environments, in order to exploit the potential of stereoscopic representations when exploring medical data. Furthermore the image data acquired within the SFB will be managed using a central database server. In particular the developed visualization applications and the medical scanners will have an appropriate interface to the database server.

Former Projects

DFG-Project: 3D Interactions in the Geosciences (3D Interaktionen in den Geowissenschaften)

In Geosciences there is a need for visualizing temporal as well as non-temporal geo-data using two- and three-dimensional output devices. Besides for presentation purposes these visualization environments are also used for exploration and analysis of geo-data as well as computer-aided planning. Interactive visualization applications for geovirtual visualization environments use different forms of communication between humans and machine. Since the acceptance of these visualization environments depends substantially on the interplay between the user and the system adequate techniques are needed to support an intuitive as well as efficient interaction. Within this project we have developed domain-specific interaction metaphors for geo-virtual environments to support navigation and object manipulation.

NRW-Verbundprojekt: Visualization Strategies for high-dimensional dynamic Data (Visualisierungsstrategien für hochdimensionale Räume dynamischer Daten (Bits, Bilder, Bedeutung))

Within the project "Bits, Bilder, Bedeutung" funded by the federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia we have developed strategies and methods for visualizing high-dimensional spatial data. For this purpose the object-oriented graphics system VRS, which has been developed in our workgroup, has been extended by adding specialized visualization components as well as a scripting interface to ease development of graphical applications.

DFG-Project: (3+1)D-Atmosphere GIS ((3+1)D-Atmosphären-GIS)

Within the project "(3+1)-D-Atmosphären-GIS", which was part of the initiative "Interoperable geowissenschaftliche Informationssysteme (IOGIS)" funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), we have prototypically realized the integration of an atmosphere model into an object-oriented GIS-core. As part of this project our visualization system VRS was coupled with an object-oriented database.

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